• Dead Men’s Eyes
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     I’m very interested in the relationship between technology, maps and virtual reality, and I’ve just come across a lovely example of how virtual reality could be used to great impact in the archeological space.  Go and watch the video showing the wonderfully named ‘Dead Men’s Eyes’ application that takes a model Roman Fort that anyone…

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  • Forgotten Spaces
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    Have you visited Forgotten Spaces in Somerset House yet?  It’s a small, and really interesting and well laid out exhibition that has been installed in the underground passages (including the famous Dead House) under the Courtyard.  It’s a series of proposals generated by a RIBA design competition earlier in the year.  There are some excellent…

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  • Charles Dickens
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    With 2012 marking Charles Dickens 200th anniversary there will be plenty of celebrations of the life of this very special Briton. Most of Footprints of London’s walks have a Dickens connection at some point, and my walk “All Change at Kings Cross” is no different. In Our Mutual Friend, Reginald Wilfer talks about the area…

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  • Highbury – Commuter or Football Fan?
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    Do you pass through Highbury as a commuter or as a football fan?  If you are interested in the history, growth and development of the area, come on our walk through Highbury on 12th November. The village of Highbury in the Borough of Islington is today probably most famous as the home of Arsenal Football Club. …

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  • Heroes or Weirdoes?
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    One was fed as a child on a diet of garden snails and sliced earthworms. Another had her own bath in Greenwich Park but ironically had a reputation for poor personal hygiene. One was imprisoned in the Bastille as a Dutch spy. Another ended life with blackened stumps for teeth and used the knickname frog as an…

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  • Horatio Nelson
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    Is Admiral Horatio Nelson the last hero in the West? Well, he will be on Sunday 16th October when Battle of Trafalgar victor Lord Nelson is the last of eight heroes celebrated on an approximately 90 minute walk along the famous zero degree line of longitude at Greenwich, South-East London. The statue of Nelson stands…

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  • That’s Entertainment walks
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    On Saturday the 15th October, the four major local guiding organisations in London (Clerkenwell & Islington Guides Association, the City of London Guide Lecturers, the City of Westmister Guides Lecturers and the Greenwich Tour Guides) are laying on free walks – walks will last about an hour, and start at 10:00 in the morning, take…

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