Heroes or Weirdoes?

Heroes or Weirdoes?

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One was fed as a child on a diet of garden snails and sliced earthworms. Another had her own bath in Greenwich Park but ironically had a reputation for poor personal hygiene.

One was imprisoned in the Bastille as a Dutch spy. Another ended life with blackened stumps for teeth and used the knickname frog as an affectionate term for a French suitor.

One is popularly believed to have asked another man to kiss him below deck (ooh, matron!).

Another made a living for almost 50 years by telling the time.

Weirdoes or heroes?  You be the judge on Sunday 16th October when Footprints of London guide Neil Sinclair leads a fascinating walk along the zero degree line of longitude through beautiful Greenwich Park down to the River Thames.

Meet at Greenwich Park’s Chesterfield Gate at 11am for a colourful introduction to eight 22-carat heroes or heroines who all lived or worked near the world’s most famous median line.

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