All change at Kings Cross

All change at Kings Cross

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King's Cross railway station signage, London, UK

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One of the big changes that are being made to Kings Cross station during redevelopment is the routes around the station. Passengers will enter the station through the new “dome” entrance then enter the station shed on a new bridge across the station from where they’ll descend to the platforms. The front of the station on Euston Road will be exit only.

But what has happened to the old bridge, dating back to 1893. Well youll still be able to see it – in Hampshire. Network Rail have donated the bridge, known as the Handyside bridge after the Derby building firm that constructed it, to the Watercress Line, a steam railway that runs from Alton to Arlesford in Hampshire. The bridge was a distinctive feature in the station, a very solid bit of Victorian engineering, its a shame that it couldn’t be adapted for the new design. Still its good that it will still be useful somewhere.

The first stages of glazing the station roof have been completed, the light flooding in makes an amazing difference. I’ll be talking about the station and exploring the surrounding area on my walk All Change at Kings Cross on November 26th

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