A peek behind Shakespeare’s Curtain …

A peek behind Shakespeare’s Curtain …

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… at plans for an old Shakespeare playhouse which include a new theatre.

It was only a few months ago that Museum of London archaeologists announced they had concrete evidence for the site of one of the oldest theatres in London – the Curtain.

Built in the 1570’s this venue entertained thousands of Elizabethan Londoners. William Shakespeare’s acting company used it, Almost certainly the man himself would have performed on its stage.

File:Curtain Theatre.jpg

Where was this Tudor playground?  Just outside the old city’s boundary – and regulations – in a racy neighbourhood called Shoreditch. In more recent times, this part of town became industrialised and densely settled. All visible traces of the Curtain were obscured years ago.

Now potential building work has enabled part of a site to be cleared, and walls and foundations came to light. If new plans for the area go ahead, the remains will be preserved and accessible, a new open-air theatre will be built, and another tower block – 40 storeys this time – added to the London skyline.

Sounds like the usual mixture of Good News and Bad News? For more details, pictures and opinions see these news sources:



For a stroll around the parts of Shoreditch and the City that Shakespeare knew in the early years of his London career, try the Footprints of London Shakespeare in Shoreditch  guided walk (Act I of our regular series) this Saturday 2nd February at 11am.

We have other Shakespeare walks on offer, and the Shoreditch leg is also available on Saturday 9th March.

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