• Head to Southwark Cathedral
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    There are many reasons to visit Southwark Cathedral, the gothic gem of a building nestled on Bankside next to London Bridge and the Shard. Until 29th March you can add one more: the opportunity to see the dramatic sculpture of Christ’s head with crown of thorns by acclaimed British sculptor Nic Fiddian-Green. The giant eight-foot…

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  • Laying Richard III To Rest
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    The exciting discovery yesterday that the skeleton found in Leicester is indeed that of Richard III creates an interesting problem – what should happen to the skeleton next? Towns are vying to be the final resting place of the bones, but does London have a good case? Of course some are saying that Richard should…

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  • Walbrook – What’s in a name?
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    A walk that I never meant to create has now become rather an obsession. I am certain I am not alone in this. The river itself is fascinating but the origin of the name is also a mystery. Stow in A Survey of London 1598 assumes the name comes from the river running under the…

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