Footprints of London walks for Amnesty

Footprints of London walks for Amnesty

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On May 28th 1961 The Observer published an article by Peter Benenson called “The Forgotten Prisoners” which called for the release of people around the world who were in prison for peacefully expressing their beliefs. This article led to a campaign called the Appeal for Amnesty 1961 which went on to form the organisation Amnesty International. Fifty two years later Amnesty campaigns for Human rights across the world. Footprints of London are proud to be launching a series of fundraising walks for Amnesty which will focus upon different Human Rights issues that have affected London. The first walk on Amnesty’s birthday sold out, however there are plenty of tickets for the next three.

Date & Time
28/05/13 18:30 Human Rights – A Journey through London’s History David Brown A walk for Amnesty International from St Paul’s to Clerkenwell Green learning about the history that shaped our views of Human Rights
10/06/13 19:00 Slavery in the City of London Dr Will Pettigrew A walk for Amnesty International exploring the dark story of Slavery and the City of London
09/07/13 18:30 Prisoners of Consequence Neil Sinclair A walk for Amnesty International, looking at the darker aspects of Southwark History
10/08/13 14:30 The Dissenters of Newington Green Rob Smith A walk for Amnesty International – explore Newington Green, see the oldest houses in London, and meet the Dissenters who lived in this area


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