Wonderful Women of Waterloo

Wonderful Women of Waterloo

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Three of the Footprints team – Jenny Rossiter, Jenni Bowley and Elaine Wein are helping out with some walks for two new courses at Morley College.

The Extraordinary Women of Southwark course was written to celebrate International Women’s Day. It investigates the lives of women who played an important role in shaping the social landscape of Bankside in education, housing, the arts and sports. Come on the course on Thursday 6th of March and Saturday 22nd March and learn about the lives of women who lived and worked in the area as Winchester Geese, in the leather and hat making industries and more recently in the factories around Bermondsey and Southwark.

Hovels to Highrises – a History of Housing on Thursday 20th March and Saturday 22nd March looks at how the growth of Victorian London far exceeded its ability to look after the needs of its citizens and how conditions for the many poorer families were overcrowded and insanitary. Octavia Hill, George Peabody and the LCC all made their mark in the area close to Morley there are examples of cottage developments and large estates built in an attempt to cope with the crisis as well as contemporary buildings to explore and contrast. Take the course and find out about the background to housing improvements and read some documents from the time then see some of the changes which have taken place in the area.

If you are interested in these courses you can apply at www.morleycollege.ac.uk. The courses are run by Morley College not Footprints of London so any queries should be directed at them, but you can click on the link below to see the course flyer.

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