• New Statesman Article by Tracey Thorn
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    Ade Clarke got a mention in the New Statesmen last week, courtesy of Tracey Thorn who was on his walk Aldgate: Mystics, Magdalens and Mother’s Ruin You can read the article in full here http://www.newstatesman.com/culture/2014/06/tracey-thorn-my-london-blue-plaques-plague-pits-and-gin-not-4x4s-and-basement-gyms        

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  • Our Top 20 Animal Sculptures
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    The Footprints of London team had a really tough time deciding on our Top Ten Animal Sculptures so we decided to make it a Top Twenty. Whether as reliefs on buildings or free standing sculptures, animals are obviously a popular subject for the sculptor. Not surprising for a nation of animal lovers perhaps. Animals can…

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  • World War I Air Raid Damage
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    The Blitz of World War II is a defining part of London’s history. The films of Humphrey Jennings depict Londoners defiantly carrying on about their business amidst the rubble of nightly air raids. Civilian moral refused to crack despite 18,000 tons of bombs being dropped on London, killing over 20,000 people and destroying thousands of…

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  • D-Day Survivors
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    Rob Smith looks at a surviving relic of D-Day in East London While the focus of this weeks commemoration of the D-Day landings is in Normandy, there are some surviving vessels from Operation Overlord in London. The most obvious is HMS Belfast, which provided the opening bombardment on Juno and Gold beaches. HMS  Belfast destroyed the German artillery battery…

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  • You Just Can’t Beat a Good Ceremony
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    Jill Finch Reports from this years Beating the Bounds ceremony It’s been a miserable week, weather wise.  Bank Holiday Monday was awful and Tuesday was actually COLD, on Wednesday no one turned up for my Wren Churches walk so what is a City Guide to do on Thursday when the sun actually seemed to be…

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