The Staircase at 2 Willow Road

The Staircase at 2 Willow Road

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Staircase 2 Willow Road

The Staircase at Two Willow Road Courtesy of The National Trust/David Watson

Here’s another fantastic staircase which we couldn’t feature in our recent top 10 as we didn’t have a photo at the time. Luckily the National Trust have supplied us with this photo of the beautiful staircase at 2 Willow Road. The house was the home  of architect Erno Goldfinger and the hub of an amazing social circle that included many famous writers and artists. Among his friends was the great structural engineer Ove Arup, and its thought possible that he designed the spiral staircase, though the exact details are uncertain.

You can hear more about famous Hampstead in Sue Bingham’s walk for Literary Footprints on October 10th



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