• The Cockney Poets
    The Cockney Poets
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    Jill Finch talks about some of the Poets that feature in her walk The City By The Book – part of The Literary Footprints Festival The great church of St Mary le Bow stands on Cheapside and it’s always been said that if you are born within the sound of its bells you are a…

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  • The Street of Wonderful Possibilities
    The Street of Wonderful Possibilities
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    Stephen Benton talks about a special Chelsea Street. You can join him there on his walk for the Literary Footprints Festival on 12th and 24th October Chelsea has many literary connections and so it is fitting that Footprints have included a walk through Chelsea as part of the Literary Footprints festival this October. Join Stephen…

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  • Kings and Queens in London – Henry III
    Kings and Queens in London – Henry III
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    Continuing our series looking at the legacy of English monarchs in London. This time Henry III Considering his reign spanned 55 years, it is not surprising that Henry III left more of a legacy to London than some of the other kings we have looked at in this series. Henry III certainly didn’t have an…

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  • The First Londoner
    The First Londoner
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    Rob Smith looks at very special human remains that could be the oldest Londoner. Next summer you can visit the site where they were found with him We often start the story of London with the Romans, but if you visit the Natural History Museum or the Museum of London you can see evidence of…

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  • Plantation Lane
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    Paul Surma talks about one of the City of London’s newer alleyways that features in his Hidden Streets and Alleys of the City Walk The City of London is full of sharp turns, dark corners and narrow alleyways, many of which have been there since the Medieval times and longer.However the City of London has…

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  • Teresa Cornelys And London’s First Night Club
    Teresa Cornelys And London’s First Night Club
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    Michael Duncan has a story of 18th century nightlife that features in his Wild and Wonderful Women of Soho walk which runs again on September 29th Theresa Cornelys was perhaps the quintessential Soho character: inventive, clever, talented, and useless with money.  She arrived in Soho in 1760, aged 37 Little known about her early life but…

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  • A Creekmouth Love Letter
    A Creekmouth Love Letter
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    One of Rob Smith’s guests on his last Industrial History of Dagenham Dock walk had an interesting reason for joining the walk. One of the great things I like about being a guide is when people bring their own stories to the walk. Meeting someone with a family story about the area is so exciting,…

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