The Cheese and Pickle lunchtime walks

The Cheese and Pickle lunchtime walks

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Our guides do love a challenge, so when Joanna Moncrieff, Rhona Levene, Stephen Benton and Jen Pedler were given a private commission asking if they could design 6 different lunchtime “quicky” walks (i.e. do-able in less than an hour)  starting at the Gherkin in The City of London they had to see if it could be done.

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Of course it could!  And so pleased are they with the result, they have decided to post some dates for the walks where they will be available to the general public.

So, beginning on Thursday 14 January and continuing on the second Thursday of the following five months, you can join them on six different 50-minute lunchtime walks.

As all the walks start from 30 St Mary Axe (AKA “The Gherkin”) which itself is in the shadow of the Leadenhall Building (AKA “The Cheesegrater”) these walks have been dubbed “The Cheese and Pickle Lunchtime Walks”.

All walks each cost £6 (£4.50 concession) and are bookable in advance.

Walks and dates are:

Thursday 14 January 2016: Trading Posts

Rhona takes you on a circular walk which reveals the trading history of the area – From Bengali silk, the fur trade, the leather trade, the sad story of why a former building ended up being taken to Estonia and to the most important trade of all ….. beer!

Book tickets here.

Thursday 11 February 2016: Follow The Money

Stephen reveals some of the most extravagant buildings in the City today – many of them built as Banks. Once every bank wanted to be close to the Bank of England – in order to prove their credentials – now many of these buildings are public houses, restaurants or high-end venues for corporate entertaining.

gherkin & cheesegraterBook here.

Thursday 10 March 2016: An “L” of a Walk

Jen’s walk has the theme of the letter “L” – not for learners – though we hope you will learn from today’s guide lots of fascinating facts and come away saying “I never knew that about…”

Book here.

Thursday 14 April 2016: All in the D’Livery

Join Jo to discover the sites of a number of Livery Halls – some still in use, some long gone.

Not only will she reveal how so many of these Livery Companies became (and remain to this day) so wealthy, but also the story behind their origin.

A fascinating walk with tales of legends.

Book here.


Thursday 12 May 2016: Romans, Jews and Christians

Stephen’s walk reveals the fascinating tales of the various communities throughout history who made The City of London their home.

Book here.

Thursday 16 June 2016: Maypole to Gherkin

Rhona will show you where once stood a maypole, a nunnery, the former site of a great house moved to Chelsea, a place of retreat and the now familiar “Gherkin”. This walk is about the St Mary Axe area and how it has changed over time.

Book here.

So there you have it, six lunchtime walks in the vicinity of the Cheesegrater and Gherkin in the heart of The City, all starting in front of the latter on the second Thursday of the month.

All of which will have you back at your desk in good time for the afternoon toil; and not to say armed to the teeth with fascinating nuggets of information about the area you work in with which to impress your colleagues!

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