• Soho’s Night Club Queen
    Soho’s Night Club Queen
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    In the next in a special series of posts on our walks celebrating International Women’s Day, Michael Duncan introduces us to an infamous Soho night club hostess from the roaring ’20s. Kate Meyrick was in many ways the typical Soho woman; bright, entrepreneurial, hard working, achingly cool and a rebel. But she was also hopeless…

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  • Visscher Redrawn
    Visscher Redrawn
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    After months of anticipation, the modern-day update of Visscher’s famous 1616 panorama of London has finally been unveiled.  Neil Sinclair was at the launch at the Guildhall Art Gallery and tells us more. Four hundred years separate two iconic and fascinating panoramic views of the City of London now on display side by side in…

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  • Canvassing with a sailor
    Canvassing with a sailor
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    In the first of series of posts on some of the fascinating characters you will encounter on our walks celebrating International Women’s Day, Jen Pedler shares the story of Nancy Astor’s journey to becoming our first ever female MP. Nancy Astor was the first woman to take her seat in parliament when she was elected…

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  • “A Monstrous Regiment Of Women”
    “A Monstrous Regiment Of Women”
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    In 1588 when the Scottish reformer John Knox first published his diatribe The First Blast of the Trumpet from which the above phrase was taken, he was using words very differently from the way we would interpret them today. “Monstrous” meant “unnatural” and “regiment” meant “rule” (being as he was violently against female monarchs –…

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  • Aldgate’s Guild of Knights
    Aldgate’s Guild of Knights
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    The word “Aldgate” is more likely to inspire thoughts in most Londoners of an almost permanently impassable gyratory system than it is tales of knights and chivalry.  But as ever in this great city, once you start to do a little digging there is more to it than meets the eye.  David Charnick tells us…

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