Shakespeare’s Restless World


Shakespeare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a great new series Shakespeare’s Restless World on Radio 4 by Neil McGregor starting today – the idea is to talk about one object a day over twenty days – giving some of the context to Shakespeare’s life.    This is linked with the forthcoming must see exhibition at the British Museum – see Shakespeare – Staging the world.

If you enjoy listening to this, then do come and take part in our three walks – Act 1: Shakespeare in Shoreditch, Act 2: Shakespeare on Bankside and Act 3: Shakespeare in the City.  We’re launching these walks on April 23rd and then at least one walk every Saturday morning – do book a place. There is also a great opportunity to attend a free event at Southwark Cathedral at 14:30 on the 23rd – Celebrating Shakespeare and Dickens hosted by Rick Jones, Jane Jones and Arthur Smith



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