• Where the Nightingale Sang
    Where the Nightingale Sang
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    Jen’s Pedler’s Mayfair’s Bright Young Things walk on Saturday 28th October is a literary romp around the area telling the stories of the “Bright Young Things” who inhabited the area in the 1920s. Part of the Footprints of London Literary Festival, you can find booking details on Jen’s walks page, meanwhile she reveals the origins…

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  • Paris to London: Refuge from Scandal
    Paris to London: Refuge from Scandal
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    With our Literary Footprints Festival 2017 in full swing, Alan Fortune recounts the tale of a key literary landmark in Soho.  Alan will be running his Literary Soho walk on 15th and 24th October, booking details are on his walks page. On the south side of Old Compton Street in the area known as Soho’s…

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  • The “evil-doers” of London
    The “evil-doers” of London
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    Continuing our series of Literary Footprints 2017 posts, Mark Rowland delves into the murky world of night walking.  Mark will be running his Dickens After Dark walk on the evenings of Tuesday 10th and Thursday 19th October, booking details are on his walks page. “If you do not want to live with evil-doers, do not…

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  • Clerkenwell’s squalid and toil-infested ways
    Clerkenwell’s squalid and toil-infested ways
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    As part of Literary Footprints 2017, on Wednesday 11th October Jen Pedler will be revealing The Nether World of George Gissing’s Clerkenwell. Booking details are on her walks page, meanwhile Jen has given us a little taster of what to expect. Walk the streets of Clerkenwell today with a copy of George Gissing’s 1889 novel…

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  • Doctor Who In London
    Doctor Who In London
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    In the next of our Literary Footprints 2017 posts, Robin Rowles talks about some of the London locations used in Doctor Who. London and Doctor Who go hand in hand. The Tardis can travel through all time and space, yet any earth-based stories both in the classic and new series have tended to be set…

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  • Scrooge’s Lonely Rooms
    Scrooge’s Lonely Rooms
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    David Charnick explores how Charles Dickens exploited the peculiarities of office space provision in Victorian London to emphasise Ebenezer Scrooge’s sense of loneliness and isolation.  David will be running his Dickens of a City walk as part of Literary Footprints 2017, dates and booking details on his walks page. It was with great astonishment, and…

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  • Open House – Leadenhall Market
    Open House – Leadenhall Market
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    Over London Open House weekend Tina Baxter and her friend Gina led walks around one of the City of London’s finest buildings – Leadenhall Market  The iconic Leadenhall Market built by Sir Horace Jones in 1881 is a jewel in the City of London’s private tenanted portfolio. Thursday’s it is crammed with city types enjoying…

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  • Huntsman and The Kingsman
    Huntsman and The Kingsman
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    Michael Duncan talks about the role Huntsman of Savile Row plays in the new film Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle You can find out more on Michael’s walk “In Search of the real Kingsman – Spies and suits of Savile Row” Huntsman is one of the great shops of Savile Row. In its time it…

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