• Scrooge’s Lonely Rooms
    Scrooge’s Lonely Rooms
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    David Charnick explores how Charles Dickens exploited the peculiarities of office space provision in Victorian London to emphasise Ebenezer Scrooge’s sense of loneliness and isolation.  David will be running his Dickens of a City walk as part of Literary Footprints 2017, dates and booking details on his walks page. It was with great astonishment, and…

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  • Open House – Leadenhall Market
    Open House – Leadenhall Market
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    Over London Open House weekend Tina Baxter and her friend Gina led walks around one of the City of London’s finest buildings – Leadenhall Market  The iconic Leadenhall Market built by Sir Horace Jones in 1881 is a jewel in the City of London’s private tenanted portfolio. Thursday’s it is crammed with city types enjoying…

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  • Huntsman and The Kingsman
    Huntsman and The Kingsman
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    Michael Duncan talks about the role Huntsman of Savile Row plays in the new film Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle You can find out more on Michael’s walk “In Search of the real Kingsman – Spies and suits of Savile Row” Huntsman is one of the great shops of Savile Row. In its time it…

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  • The Queen and the Green
    The Queen and the Green
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    Dave Charnick recalls how a royal intervention helped stem the spread of deadly disease in Victorian Bethnal Green.  You can hear more stories from this most fascinating of London locales on Dave’s walk The Battle for Bethnal Green this Saturday (17th June) at 2.30 pm.  Booking details are here. On Pollard Row in Bethnal Green…

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  • London Symphony film première
    London Symphony film première
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    Nearly three years ago we exhorted our dear readers and followers to support a kickstarter project to produce a film that promised a new and unique view of the city we all know and love. We were delighted when the project hit its funding target, and after nearly three years of filming, editing, and composing…

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  • Henry VIII’s Crisis of Supremacy
    Henry VIII’s Crisis of Supremacy
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    As part of our Mandate to Rule series of political-themed walks in the lead-up to polling day, Dave Charnick’s walk The Price of Conscience on Thursday 8th June will tackle the thorny issue of where your conscience could lead you during Henry VIII’s reign.  Booking details are here, meanwhile Dave highlights the perils of charting…

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  • Christopher Wren crosses the Atlantic
    Christopher Wren crosses the Atlantic
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    As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Jen Pedler will be running her new walk Once There Was a Church  which recounts the stories of how the remnants City of London churches connect the past to the present. You can join Jen’s walk on the 7th and 18th June (booking details are here), but…

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  • Mandate to Rule; a series of “election specials”
    Mandate to Rule; a series of “election specials”
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    Theresa May has called a snap election in search of a mandate for… well, whatever it is she wants a mandate for (she may yet let us know among the Lynton Crosby-inspired parroted soundbites), so we at Footprints of London towers thought we would call our own “snap theme week” with a series of walks…

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  • Walking the Walbrook
    Walking the Walbrook
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    To coincide with the Museum of London’s current free exhibition of archaeological finds from the river Walbrook, Tina Baxter will be running her Walbrook where art thou? walk on Saturday 25th March.  As the walk starts at the museum, you can take in this last chance to see the exhibition (it closes on the 26th…

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  • Charlie Chaplin’s Kennington
    Charlie Chaplin’s Kennington
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    Michael Duncan talks about Charlie Chaplin’s London, which features in new walk looking at art and entertainment in Lambeth, which has its debut on March 4th Everyone knows Charlie Chaplin.   “Iconic” is one of the laziest words used by writers when they seek to describe something or someone.  But it applies to Chaplin.  The little tramp,…

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