• A peek behind Shakespeare’s Curtain …
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    … at plans for an old Shakespeare playhouse which include a new theatre. It was only a few months ago that Museum of London archaeologists announced they had concrete evidence for the site of one of the oldest theatres in London – the Curtain. Built in the 1570’s this venue entertained thousands of Elizabethan Londoners. William…

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  • Shakespeare’s Restless World
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    As devotees of the Bard, we’re only too happy to draw our readers’ attention to what promises to be a fascinating talk on Shakespeare by Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum. MacGregor, whose BBC Radio 4 series ‘100 objects that shaped the world’ became almost required listening, is delivering an illustrated talk on Monday…

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  • Bodleian takes a byte at the Bard
    Bodleian takes a byte at the Bard
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    Plans by Oxford University’s Bodleian Library to make Shakespeare’s first folio available on the internet would surely have had the approval of the scholarly Humphrey Lancaster, first Duke of Gloucester. On his controversial death in 1447 Humphrey bequeathed his fine collection of books and manuscripts to Oxford University where they helped form the nucleus of…

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  • The Whole Nine Yards
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    Visitors to the American hospitality House at Vinopolis on Bankside in Southwark don’t have to walk far for a reminder of past Olympic triumphs by US athletes. Less than a hammer’s throw from Vinopolis is the historic Anchor tavern. Marked on the Thameside path outside the Anchor is a tribute to one of the greatest…

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  • Secrets of Cheapside – Sunday Lunch deal
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    This Sunday 29th July, I’m leading the first of  a new series of walks linked to a great restaurant deal with the Paternoster Chop House near St Paul’s Cathedral.   The idea is that you get a great price for a Sunday lunch in a good restaurant, and the opportunity to do a walk around…

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  • Rob’s favourite London activities
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      We’ve asked various Footprints Guides to choose their Favourite Activities.  This month Rob Smith suggests..   While the weather so far this summer has not been great for walking, its given me the chance to catch up with the BBC’s excellent series of London programmes. On of my favourites has been London on Film – The West End ,…

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  • The Cally’s Kick Ass Heroine
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    It is good to see Islington’s Peoples Plaque scheme continuing, with the latest one for Edith Garrud unveiled this weekend. Edith was a real kick ass heroine – known as the Jujitsu Suffragette, and star of Britain’s first martial arts film. Edith and her husband were physical training instructors, a fairly unusual job for a…

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  • The train now leaving ….
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    This week saw the return of an old friend – the stonework from the original 1886 station at London Blackfriars which describes all the destinations you can get to. And very glamorous they are too – Venice, Baden-Baden and St Petersburg (and Bromley and Beckenham too). The station opened as St Pauls in May 1886,…

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