• The Real Jack Pommeroy
    The Real Jack Pommeroy
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    David Charnick reveals the source of a favourite Fleet Street watering hole of the legendary TV barrister,

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  • The “evil-doers” of London
    The “evil-doers” of London
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    Continuing our series of Literary Footprints 2017 posts, Mark Rowland delves into the murky world of

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  • Doctor Who In London
    Doctor Who In London
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    In the next of our Literary Footprints 2017 posts, Robin Rowles talks about some of the London locations

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  • Scrooge’s Lonely Rooms
    Scrooge’s Lonely Rooms
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    David Charnick explores how Charles Dickens exploited the peculiarities of office space provision in

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  • Open House – Leadenhall Market
    Open House – Leadenhall Market
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    Over London Open House weekend Tina Baxter and her friend Gina led walks around one of the City of London’s

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  • Henry VIII’s Crisis of Supremacy
    Henry VIII’s Crisis of Supremacy
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    As part of our Mandate to Rule series of political-themed walks in the lead-up to polling day, Dave Charnick’s

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  • Walking the Walbrook
    Walking the Walbrook
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    To coincide with the Museum of London’s current free exhibition of archaeological finds from the river

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