• Orwell In The Clink
    Orwell In The Clink
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    Next in our series of Literary Footprints 2016 posts, David Charnick recounts the young Eric Blair’s

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  • Highlights of Literary Footprints
    Highlights of Literary Footprints
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    Literary Footprints – our festival of walks celebrating London books and authors ran during October,

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  • Ian Fleming
    Ian Fleming
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    As Spectre, the latest outing for 007 hits our cinema screens Michael Duncan talks about the life of

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  • The Unhappy Couple
    The Unhappy Couple
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    Stephen Benton discovers another story related to his Made in Chelsea walk, part of the Literary Footprints

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  • The D.I.Y. Prison
    The D.I.Y. Prison
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    Jen Pedler talks about Wormwood Scrubs Prison – which features in her Literary Footprints walk

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  • Red Beryl and the Unity Theatre
    Red Beryl and the Unity Theatre
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    Alan Fortune reveals the story of the Unity Theatre – one of the things he talks about in his walk

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