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Before he ever considered guiding Jack used to work in the City, and like just about everyone else he used to rush about with his head down and never paid much attention to the world around him, something he now wishes he’d done more of.

Since qualifying as a City of London Guide and Clerkenwell and Islington Guide Jack has learned that stopping to look is a very good thing. His walks aim to delve into the stories behind the sights you’ll see and focus on the personalities and quirkier stories that exist in London. Jack believes you could easily stop on every street in London and find a story to tell.

As well as guiding in the City and Clerkenwell & Islington Jack also guides at St. John’s Gate and in Wandsworth, where he was born and still lives and works.

Jack’s portfolio of walks includes:

  • A Shakedown with Shakespeare: A walk around the Clerkenwell & Islington sites that Shakespeare knew.
  • The City of London Treasure Hunt: A guided tour of the City of London with clues to solve to get from A to B.
  • Three “Cheers” for the City: A guided tour of the City, with visits to three of its famous watering holes for a drink.
  • Clerkenwell & Islington From A to B: A highlights tour of Clerkenwell & Islington from Angel to Barbican.
  • Better the Devil You Know: A tour of the City of London showcasing the sites associated with the Plantagenet dynasty of Kings.
  • In The Footsteps of the Blackfriars
  • A Staple Diet: See how the City is held together by its main staples including Religion, Justice and Finance.
  • The City in Lights: A night-time tour of the City.
  • Clerkenwell at War
  • Walking Literary Wandsworth
  • Wandsworth at War
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