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Stephen is a qualified City of London and City of Westminster guide. Londoner by birth, he has lived here most of his life.

Stephen is fascinated by why things are the way they are in London, looking not just at the obvious. There’s always something new to see or find in London. And when he does, he loves to share it.

Stephen has a particular interest in the way transport has shaped London. He also loves theatre and cinema buildings – not just the bricks and mortar, gilt and velvet but also the stories of the people who worked in them and who went to them.

His portfolio of walks include:

  • Trains, and Boats, and Planes … and a few buses too – 150 years of Victoria as a transport hub
  • West End Movie Houses – fleapit to deco super cinemas
  • Liberty, Fraternity and Infidelity – a walk through Merton’s hidden history

A couple of Sundays a month he can be seen at the National Trust’s Morden Hall Park where he is one of the volunteer guides giving free history tours of the park and its buildings. And he has also just started to guide at Tate Modern a couple of times a month.

Have a look at his blog “Walking London one post code at a time” in which he is systematically working his way round the London postal districts blogging about a walk in each one –

Or see his other random ramblings blog:

You can follow him on Twitter: @stephensLDN

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