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Literary Footprints – our annual celebration of London books and authors is running again in October 2016. The idea is to take a literary festival out on to the streets, visiting places mentioned in London novels and hearing the stories read in the places they were set.

Highlights of last years festival  included – a walk around Jane Austen’s London led by “Emma” in full costume, A literary history of Covent Garden, a walk following Mrs Dalloway as she goes to buy flowers for her party, a walk around Tudor detective Matthew Shardlakes’s London, retracing Daniel Defoe’s Journal of the  Plague Year, a day of Shakespeare walks, Greek mythology on London buildings, Samuel Pepys walks, Dickens Night Walks  and a walk looking at the Lives and Loves of the Bloomsbury Group. You can see the full list of walks below

Here are some of the highlights of 2016

Nineteen Eighty Four

Steve describes the London of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four

ts eliot walkers

Visiting St Dunstan in the East on Tina’s T S Eliot walk

Amber dressed as Jane Austen's Emma

Amber dressed as Jane Austen’s Emma

Literary walks

Much Ado About Trading

Sat, 30 Jul

Your guide: David Charnick
Description: This tour explores aspects of trade in Shakespeare’s London and how it provided valuable material to him and to his fellow dramatists

Shakespeare - Take Him for All in All

Sat, 13 Aug

Your guide: David Charnick
Description: While Shakespeare is the stuff of legend, he was in so many ways a typical Londoner. In fact, to explore the story of Shakespeare in London is to appreciate an exciting time of social advancement and international development, with London at the centre of England’s coming of age.

Sherlock Holmes and the Red-Headed League

Sat, 20 Aug

Your guide: Robin Rowles
Description: Follow in the Footsteps of the great Dectective as we wind our way through streets that Sherlock Holmes would have recognised

Clerkenwell's Literary connections

Fri, 26 Aug

Your guide: Sean Patterson
Description: Explore Smithfield and Clerkenwell’s literary connections and hear readings from authors who wrote about this fascinating area.

A Question of Supremacy

Sun, 28 Aug

Your guide: David Charnick
Description: When Henry VIII made himself Supreme Head of the English church, it caused individual conscience to smack against the stone wall of political expediency. This tour explores sites connected with those troubled times.

Martians, Miracles, and Time Machines': The London of HG Wells

Sat, 10 Sep

Your guide: Robin Rowles
Description: Click on Walk to get more information

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