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Mark Rowland (guide details)

Heroes and Villains: The good, the bad and the ugly in The City's history
Sat, 25 Mar
Your guide: Mark Rowland
Description: Some mad some bad, some downright dangerous.  Some visionary, others so misguided that they couldn’t have found their way with Satnav.  And some just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But all with one thing in common; a fascinating story to tell in the history of our great city.  Come and meet them!
The Gentlemen’s clubs of St James’s:  Victorian London’s LinkedIn
Tue, 28 Mar
Your guide: Mark Rowland
Description: We take social networking for granted, but how did the Victorians go about it in the days of the horse and carriage and strait-laced social conventions?  Join me for a stroll around genteel St James’s to hear the story of the explosive growth (and dramatic decline) of the St James’s Gentlemen’s clubs.
Tracing the Tudors: The real London of Wolf Hall
Sat, 1 Apr
Your guide: Mark Rowland
Description: Wolf Hall brought to life the personal and political machinations of this most turbulent period, but the Great Fire rendered physical traces of the Tudor age hard to find in today’s London. Unless, that is, you know where to look... Join me to discover the places that tell the stories behind the stories of Wolf Hall.
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