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Literary walks

Marylebone Muses
Wed, 26 Jul
Your guide: Jen Pedler
Description: Sherlock Holmes (and Conan Doyle), Charles Dickens and the Barrett-Brownings all feature in this Marylebone literary walk with cameo appearances by a few others.
Charles Dickens and the City of London
Sat, 29 Jul
Your guide: Mark Rowland
Description: Dickens was one of the greatest creators of characters in the English language, but one character writ large through his work is London itself.  Join me to hear the stories about the places that had the greatest influences on the man and his work and discover why he called London his “magic lantern”.
Bethnal Green in So Many Words
Sat, 29 Jul
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: With readings from Iain Sinclair, George Orwell and others, this tour explores the rich story of Bethnal Green, one of crime and poverty, but also one of resilience and survival. Through their words we engage with the human currents of Bethnal Green and its unique flavour.
Shakespeare - Take Him for All in All
Sun, 13 Aug
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: While Shakespeare is the stuff of legend, he was in so many ways a typical Londoner. In fact, to explore the story of Shakespeare in London is to appreciate an exciting time of social advancement and international development, with London at the centre of England’s coming of age.
Much Ado About Trading
Sun, 27 Aug
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: This tour explores aspects of trade in Shakespeare’s London and how it provided valuable material to him and to his fellow dramatists
 Constable's Hampstead
Sun, 15 Oct
Your guide: Marilyn Greene
Description: Discover where Constable lived, the houses and landscapes he painted, as well as his family tomb. This talk is illustrated with quotes from his letters about his art and feelings for Hampstead
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