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Local walks

The Real London of Peaky Blinders
Thu, 28 Sep
Your guide: Rob Smith
Description: Explore the mean streets of Clerkenwell thsat were run by the gangster Sabini - a real person portrayed by Noah Taylor in the tv series Peaky Blinders 
Hidden Secrets of West Hampstead
Sat, 30 Sep
Your guide: Elaine Wein
Description: Once so quiet you could once hear Big Ben chime, we will wander past West Hampstead listed buildings, and learn about the mansions that lined West End Lane and their famous residents from the wealthiest man in England, to famous artists and the pioneer of the tabloid newspaper.
In and Out of the Aldgate
Sat, 30 Sep
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: This is a circular tour which explores the many layers in the development of Aldgate. Once the home of a guild of English knights, the area has become a borderland between the City and the East End
The Dark Side of the Green
Sat, 14 Oct
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: Bethnal Green’s past is littered with dark deeds and dodgy dudes, but these are also important moments in the history of law and order in this country.
Elizabethan Islington
Wed, 25 Oct
Your guide: Rob Smith
Description: Step back in time to visit sites from Elizabethan Islington, where people dodged arrows in the Finsbury fields, queued at the Clerks Wells, and marvelled at the new class of rich and powerful moving into former religious buildings
Secrets of Stepney Green
Sun, 29 Oct
Your guide: Daniella King
Description: Stepney is an area steeped in history and intrigue - come and find out about “Robin Hood’s” arch enemy, the saviour of children and the founder of a famous brewery. In addition, we will also hear tales about William Booth and Thomas Cromwell.
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