Professional, qualified and independent guides

David guiding in the CityAll our guides are qualified and hold at least one of the accreditation badges issued by the Local London Guiding Associations.

These badges are not simply given away; each is hard-earned and involves a year of rigorous study and examination in both the Sue guiding before the Sherlock Holmes pubpractice and principle of guiding, so you can be sure that your guide is up to the task of taking you efficiently and safely around London’s busy streets.

Our backgrounds are as diverse as the range of walks we present, but there is one thing that that Sheldon out guidingbinds us; a desire to seek out the fascinating stories that lurk in London’s amazing past and to share them with you in an engaging and entertaining way.

As we all research and write our own walks based on our own interests, these stories will be told to you with an unrivalled knowledge & enthusiasm.

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