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Society walks

Deptford. The Charles Booth Poverty Maps
Sat, 27 May
Your guide: Sean Patterson
Description: One of London's top walks - around Deptford following in social researcher Charles Booth's footsteps
Winston Churchill - The British Bulldog
Fri, 2 Jun
Description: The greatest Prime Minister of our time. Get to know the man behind the achievements.
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot Election Special!
Fri, 2 Jun
Description: Meet the conspirators and learn how a plot to overthrow government was foiled.
Strong and Stable Leadership? Westminster and The Civil War
Sat, 3 Jun
Your guide: Jack Yeomanson
Description: 1649: Relations between Monarchy and Parliament are non-existent following the English Civil War and lead to the most important negotiations ever known. This walk looks at the people involved and whether any of them could provide Strong and Stable Leadership to a country facing major change.
Tracing the Tudors: The King's Brexit
Sat, 3 Jun
Your guide: Mark Rowland
Description: While many prospective MPs may be sweating over their electoral prospects based on their position on Brexit, the wrong call over which side you were on of Henry VIII’s “Brexit” had rather more drastic consequences… Join me to trace down the locations that tell the stories of those turbulent times.
The Battle That Won The War: Churchill versus the Cabinet.
Sun, 4 Jun
Your guide: Jack Yeomanson
Description: Winston Churchill had to win an entirely different battle to give him the mandate to ruleduring the war, this one against the establishment who wanted a different leader to fight the Nazis. If Churchill won then Britain would fight on, if he lost then Britain would surely lose the war.
The Stuarts: from Divine Right to Constitutional Monarchy
Mon, 5 Jun
Your guide: Jen Pedler
Description: Follow the Stuarts’ turbulent journey through conspiracy, civil war, execution, abdication and revolution and hear about the struggles between King and Parliament over who should have the mandate to rule.
The Seat of Power
Tue, 6 Jun
Your guide: David Charnick
  'For parliament or the king?': Civil War Connections 'round St Paul's and Cheapside
Tue, 6 Jun
Your guide: Robin Rowles
Description: The Civil Wars were a major factor in the creation of modern Britain. This walk explores how the City of London was involved and the impact of the Civil Wars on parliamentarian, royalist and the ordinary citizens of London.
Marmite Maggie
Wed, 7 Jun
Description: Woman. Wife. Mother. Prime Minister. Look beyond the politics.
Viva Francisco de Miranda - South American Revolutionaries in London
Thu, 8 Jun
Your guide: Rob Smith
Description: In 1810 South American Revolutionaries came to London to try to get the British to help them gain independence from Spain. This walk through Fitzrovia looks at what happened next.
The Price of Conscience
Thu, 8 Jun
Your guide: David Charnick
Isle of Dogs: Remembering Public Housing
Sat, 10 Jun
Your guide: Oonagh Gay
Description: The Isle of Dogs has rich history of public housing. But private housing has come to dominate the Island in just a generation, Discover how much of the islanders' public housing tradition survives in this fascinating tour, ending near Mudchute DLR.
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