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Society walks

The Unquiet City
Tue, 28 Feb
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: This tour takes in nearly 2,000 years of unrest: from Roman times the City has been a target for rebellion and revolt for groups with very different objectives.
Clerkenwell. The Charles Booth Poverty Maps.
Sat, 4 Mar
Your guide: Sean Patterson
Description: Follow social researcher Charles Booth around Clerkenwell and learn about London's sausage king
Primrose Hill: Seeds of Revolution
Sun, 5 Mar
Your guide: Neil Sinclair
Description: A look at the revolutionaries who have been inspired by Primrose Hill
The Battle for Bethnal Green
Sun, 5 Mar
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: When London expanded to become the world’s first Metropolis, its semi-rural suburbs were swamped. This tour examines the challenges urbanisation brought to Bethnal Green, and how they were met. In many ways, these challenges continue to be met today.
Deptford. The Charles Booth Poverty Maps
Sat, 11 Mar
Your guide: Sean Patterson
Description: One of London's top walks - around Deptford following in social researcher Charles Booth's footsteps
For parliament or the king?': Civil War Connections 'round St Paul's and Cheapside
Sat, 11 Mar
Your guide: Robin Rowles
Description: A thrilling overview of how the English Civil War impacted on the City of London, its citizens, and other stakeholders.
Whitechapel. The Charles Booth Poverty Maps.
Sun, 12 Mar
Your guide: Sean Patterson
Description: Explore London's East End, following in the steps of social reformer Charles Booth who explored this area in the 1890s
The World in One City: Migration and the making of modern London
Sun, 12 Mar
Your guide: Mark Rowland
Description: London: a home for the ambitious and a haven for those with need.  And ‘twas ever thus.  Founded by a multi-national Roman force and described by Milton in 1644 as “the mansion house of liberty”, join me to hear the stories of how London grew into a true global city of around 270 nationalities.
Tracing the Tudors: The real London of Wolf Hall
Sat, 1 Apr
Your guide: Mark Rowland
Description: Wolf Hall brought to life the personal and political machinations of this most turbulent period, but the Great Fire rendered physical traces of the Tudor age hard to find in today’s London. Unless, that is, you know where to look... Join me to discover the places that tell the stories behind the stories of Wolf Hall.
Viva Francisco de Miranda - South American Revolutionaries in London
Thu, 20 Apr
Your guide: Rob Smith
Description: In 1810 South American Revolutionaries came to London to try to get the British to help them gain independence from Spain. This walk through Fitzrovia looks at what happened next.
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