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David Charnick (guide details)

The Ripper Enigma
Sat, 18 Nov
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: What really happened in 1888 when five women were murdered in the Whitechapel area and their dead bodies cruelly mutilated? Neither gore-fest nor wild speculation, this tour explores the world of these most mysterious of murders.
The Dark Side of the Green
Sun, 19 Nov
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: Bethnal Green’s past is littered with dark deeds and dodgy dudes, but these are also important moments in the history of law and order in this country.
In and Out of the Aldgate
Sat, 25 Nov
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: This is a circular tour which explores the many layers in the development of Aldgate. Once the home of a guild of English knights, the area has become a borderland between the City and the East End
Bethnal Green in So Many Words
Sun, 26 Nov
Your guide: David Charnick
Description: With readings from Iain Sinclair, George Orwell and others, this tour explores the rich story of Bethnal Green, one of crime and poverty, but also one of resilience and survival. Through their words we engage with the human currents of Bethnal Green and its unique flavour.
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