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Jill Finch (guide details)

The City by the Book
Thu, 19 Oct
Your guide: Jill Finch
Description: Charlotte Bronte loved it, Alexander Pope hated it. Known mainly as a place for money making and trade, the narrow alleyways of the City also gave birth to writers and poets. It either charmed or repelled its visitors and it has featured in and inspired books and poetry over the centuries. Jill’s walk from St Paul’s to Cornhill is awash with literary landmarks that might just surprise you.
Shardlake's London
Tue, 24 Oct
Your guide: Jill Finch
Description: Follow the footsteps of the characters in C J Sansom's 'Shardlake' novels set in 16th Century London at the time of the reformation.
By Permission of Heaven
Mon, 30 Oct
Your guide: Jill Finch
Description: A walk based on Historian Adrian Tinniswood's account of the Great Fire of London. Why did the City burn 350 years ago? Accident, treason, act of war? Or simply By Permission of Heaven? From St Paul's to The Monument we'll look at what happened on those fateful five days in September 1666.
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